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New issue International Journal of the Commons out now!

We have great pleasure in announcing that The International Journal of the Commons (IJC) has now launched its newest issue. We kindly invite you to take a look at the table of contents at

Our special issue section is dedicated to the commons in developed industrialized countries, and is guest-edited by Erling Berge and Margaret McKean.

Besides this special issue, you will find a list of individual research papers, that may interest you as well.

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1st IASC Thematic Conference on Urban Commons (Bologna, IT, 6-7 November 2015)

The Laboratory for the Governance of Commons (LABGOV) and the Urban Law Center of Fordham University is organizing the 1st IASC Thematic Conference on the Urban Commons, to be held in Bologna (Italy), 6-7 November 2015. Inspired by the recently implemented Bologna Regulation on Collaboration for the Care and Regeneration of the Urban Commons, as well as by other commons-based experiments in cities around Italy by the LabGov project (e.g.

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2016 IASC European Regional Conference

‘Commons in a 'glocal' world: global connections and local responses’

Date: 10-13 May 2016

Venue: Bern (Switzerland)

Conference chairs: Tobias Haller, Stephan Rist

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2016 IASC Regional North American Arctic Conference

‘Reality, richness, and responsibility of an arctic commons’

Date: Fall 2016

Venue: Anchorage, Alaska (USA)

Conference chair: Mara Kimmel

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3rd IASC Thematic Conference on Knowledge Commons

‘Advancing knowledge commons through legal & social changes’

Date: 20-21 October 2016

Venue: Paris (France)

Conference chairs: Séverine Dusollier, Tom Dedeurwaerdere

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IASC 2017

Practicing the Commons

Date: July 10-14, 2017

Venue: Utrecht, The Netherlands

More info:

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