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Commons in Action - New video on Knowledge Commons

Commons are forms of governance and governance strategies for resources created and owned collectively. Knowledge commons governance is likely to be key to successfully addressing important social issues in medicine, environmental protection, education, science and beyond. It is critical for us to study knowledge commons and learn how variations and governance affect outcomes: what works, what doesn't.

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Call for Nominations for the 2014-2015 Elinor Ostrom Award is now open

The Elinor Ostrom Award on Collective Governance of the Commons Council opens the call to nominate outstanding scholars or practitioners.

The overall objectives of the Award are:
- To acknowledge Ostrom’s legacy for scholarship and policy-making while making it accessible to wider and more varied audiences, within and outside the realm of international academia.
- To promote Ostrom’s commitment to the training of students, young colleagues and practitioners.

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2014 - 2nd Thematic Conference on Knowledge Commons

2nd Thematic Conference on Knowledge Commons:
Governing Pooled Knowledge Resources with special attention to the fields of medicine and the environment

SEPTEMBER 5-6, 2014

New York University School of Law
New York, New York


Visit the conference site: IASCKC.NYUENGELBERG.ORG

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2014 3rd European IASC Meeting

From generation to generation – the use of commons in a changing society

16-19 September 2014 Umeå, Sweden

Visit the Conference site.

Registration, now open. Please note: all presenters have to register before the 5th of August in order to be included in the program.

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IASC 2015

The Commons Amidst Complexity and Change

Date: May 25-29, 2015

We welcome academics, community groups, government resource people, NGOs and commons practitioners from Alberta, Canada and around the world to submit abstracts to participate:

Extended Deadline (2nd Call) for Panel and Group Presentations: November 1, 2014

Extended Deadline for Individual Presentation Abstracts: November 1, 2014

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