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New online course on water resources governance starts November 2017

The Countryside and Community Research Institute (CCRI), the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and the IASC jointly launch the new online course 'From source to sea - the governance of water resources', which will start November 2017.

More about the content
‘From source to sea – the governance of water resources’ focuses on the management, governance and sustainability of surface and ground waters. Water is essential to life but in many parts of the world, access and use are becoming more restrictive through appropriation of water rights. Surface and ground waters provide a wide range of ecosystem services including provision of drinking water, food, irrigation, navigation, energy, recreation, and biodiversity. Water users are often in conflict, and as populations increase, so do the pressures for both state control and privatization throughout the stages of the hydrological cycle.

This course will examine the role water plays in society in its journey from the source of rivers to the sea. The aim is to increase understanding of a range of problems currently experienced along the way, including pollution, flood, drought, and water shortage. It will then examine different legal regimes controlling access, use, and water rights. Ostrom’s institutional analysis and development framework will be applied to the notion of integrated watershed management as a means of exploring the potential to improve water governance.

Who can join?
The course is targeted at those wanting to learn more about the management and governance of water as a common pool resource. It will be of interest to practitioners involved in supporting community water management and development, policy makers involved in designing programmes or initiatives for water management, as well as a wide range of those involved in, or wanting to learn about, the basics of taking action to protect water rights.

Online learning and certification
The course will be delivered through distance-learning approaches making use of video and audio materials, readings, on-line activities, and group discussion forums, enabling participants to learn from one another as well as from the tutors. Those completing the course will receive a Certificate of Completion from the University of Gloucestershire.

IASC-members are offered a reduced fee of GBP 60, non-IASC-members can join this course for GBP 100.

For more detailed information, application, and payment, please visit the webinfo on CCRI

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