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EXTENDED DEADLINE Call for Proposals Hosting IASC 2019 Biennial Conference - deadline for proposals March 15, 2017

The International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC) is now accepting preliminary proposals from individuals/organizations interested in HOSTING our 17th Biennial Conference in 2019.

IASC Biennial Conferences bring together commons scholars and practitioners from around the world. While the preparations for the XVI Biennial Conference of the IASC (Utrecht, 10-14 July 2017) are already in full swing, the IASC Secretariat is already looking for enthusiastic organizers for the 2019 Biennial Conference. Proposals should be in before March 15, 2017.

The benefits of hosting these conferences for your organization include an expanded network of both global and regional commons scholars, substantial organizational capacity building, and a major opportunity to place a spotlight on the needs of people dependent on commons in your region. The past few conferences have drawn 450-700 participants, from up to 90 different countries.

Those interested should submit a proposal identifying your interests in hosting an IASC conference.

The proposal should include the following detailed information (you can also download this info as pdf; see the attachment on this webpage):

1. Title of the conference

2. Proposed conference themes and sub-themes
• Mention the themes and subthemes you are proposing for the conference, explaining their global relevance

3. Description of Host Institution
• Name of institute or department within the institution that is carrying out the conference
• Ongoing research, activities and publications on commons and related themes
• Exemplify the institution’s possibilities to organize this academic event. Mention experience, academic, administrative and logistic capacities and personnel

4. Conference Chair and co-chairs
• Listing of qualifications
• Brief description of past events organized by the chair or co-chair
• Relationship with IASC and its members:
o Have you attended IASC conferences?
o If yes, which ones?
• Conference Team or Secretariat: Main people involved and their roles before, during, and after the conference
• Brief description of past events organized by the team

5. Conference venue, size and dates
• Describe the venue, stating why it is convenient for hosting a global conference
• Give proposed dates to hold the conference. Please note that biennial conferences are usually held between the middle of May and the middle of September and that the decision about the dates will have to be taken together with the IASC, as a good spread of biennial, regional and thematic IASC-conferences is important to secure sufficient attendance at each type of conference.
• Estimated number of participants and countries to come to the conference (past conferences have drawn 450-700 participants; state if you expect your proposed conference to draw fewer or more participants)

6. Purpose pursued for hosting the IASC Biennial Conference
• What is the impact you intend to achieve with the organization of the conference? Include academic advancement, impact on policy or grassroots action, IASC-membership, and post- conference dissemination of information and activities

7. Proposed keynote and invited speakers for hosting the IASC Biennial Conference
• Names
• Affiliations
• Topics

8. Proposed logistical arrangements
• Field trips
• Other proposed activities (parallel sessions, pre-conference workshops)
• Accessibility of the venue and travel and transportation cost
• Visa or other document arrangements for international participants
• Lodging:
o Availability of dormitories or hotels at or near the conference venue
o Approximate cost of lodging

9. Projected budgetary information
• Include an itemized budget considering amounts for a global conference, using the outline (Annex 1)

10. Potential co-sponsors
• List the possible co-sponsors for the conference mentioning the connection with them and the relevance of their participation

NOTE: Please do notice that the IASC will not be funding or sponsoring the conference, other than substantial in-kind support via the IASC-Secretariat

11. Funding agencies for the conference
• Considering that the responsibility of sourcing funds to hold the Conference rests with the host institution and IASC may only assist to derive additional sponsorships, name the potential funding sources to be approached
• Please do notice that the IASC cannot provide funding to the conference other than in-kind (i.e. support by IASC secretariat)

Please do notice that:

• the program of IASC biennial conferences usually consists out of 3.5 days of conference and 1 day of excursions, that conferences usually start on the Monday afternoon end on the Friday evening. Before the start of the conference a number of pre-conference workshops are usually organized;
• the IASC has its own conference module which should be used as the conference registration system, and which saves the conference organizers substantial time and trouble. It also provides services such as automated management of the review process. The implementation of this module will be done by the IASC-Secretariat as soon as the conference organization starts;
• a conference manual with more precise information on how to organize an IASC conference can be obtained via the IASC-Secretariat. Upon request, the Secretariat can also provide you with examples of successful bids of previous years. It is advisable to get in touch with the Secretariat well before the deadline if you consider to organize a biennial conference;
• please note that the IASC has also issued a Call for Regional and Thematic conferences, which are smaller and focus more specifically on bringing together respectively commons researchers and practitioners from a specific region/continent or those working on a specific type of commons or issue related to commons.

See the IASC-website for an overview of all past conferences co-organized by the IASC.

Proposals must be submitted electronically no later than March 15, 2017 to René van Weeren, IASC Executive Director at:

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