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Research Seminar 'Researching resource access, conflict and social change in Africa', LANDac / Wageningen UR, 15 September 2016

LANDac, institutional member of the IASC, organizes, in cooperation with Wageningen University, a Research Seminar on 'Researching resource access, conflict, and social change in Africa'. The seminar will take place Thursday 15 September 2016, 13:30-16:00 in room C68 of the Leeuwenborch building, Wageningen UR. Speakers will be PhD candidates Rosina Tchatchoua, Alda Salomao, and Rose Bashwira.

The presentations in this seminar explore some of the most pressing current tensions in resource access in Africa: around returnee land claims, around investments affecting customary rights, and around gendered access to mining. All three presentations are based on recent fieldwork in conflictive settings, in the framework of three different research programmes. The research discussed aims to contribute to our understanding of the dynamics of conflict and competing claims, the way these dynamics are reflective of processes of social change, and the associated governance challenges.

This seminar is a special edition in coordination with Landac of the SDC Research seminar of Wageningen UR . The session is meant to share findings from fieldwork, theoretical arguments, and methodological concerns. The seminar hopes to welcome WUR staff members, students, and colleagues from other universities. The presentations will be followed by discussion.

For further information contact Gemma van der Haar,, phone +31 (0)317 483 514.

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