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Workshop 'The Study of Cooperatives' - Humboldt University Berlin, March 27-30, 2017

On March 27-30, 2017, IASC-member Professor Markus Hanisch, Chair of ‘Economics of Agricultural Cooperatives’ at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, together with partners from Wageningen, Athens, and Saskatchewan University will organize the Workshop ‘The Study of Cooperatives’. The objective of the workshop is to give orientation to early-career social scientists interested in the study of cooperation and cooperative organizations. The aim is to provide training and a forum for networking and discussion on methodical strengths and weaknesses for the study of cooperative organizations.

Training is offered on innovative methods for the analysis of cooperatives, namely

* Testing hypotheses in small N-cases: qualitative comparative analysis,
* Analyzing changing member and consumer preferences: stated preferences methods, and
* Studying patterns of decision making and social interaction: economic experiments.

The workshop is open for early-career researchers (PhD students and Post-docs of up to five years after their graduation) who conduct research in the field of producers’ and cooperative organizations.

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Participants also qualify for attending the Young Researchers’ Conference of the AGI, taking place on 31 March and 1 April 2017, where workshop results and/or research projects can be presented to a broader scientific audience. For further information see:

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