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About IASC


The Association is devoted to bringing together interdisciplinary researchers, practitioners, and policymakers for the purpose of fostering better understandings, improvements, and sustainable solutions for environmental, electronic, and any other type of shared resource that is a commons or a common-pool resource.

The Association's Goals are:

  • to encourage exchange of knowledge among diverse disciplines, areas, and resource types;
  • to foster mutual exchange of scholarship and practical experience; and,
  • to promote appropriate institutional design.


The Association encourages intellectual exchange on policy applications and commons issues through a number of activities, including:

  • sponsoring annual or biennial conferences and co-sponsoring regional workshops and conferences;
  • collecting basic information about networks of scholars, practitioners, organizations, and institutions concerned with the commons, in order to encourage linkages and compile directories for IASC members within and between different regions of the world;
  • identifying guest editors to collect information from their regions to promote the publication of articles by authors outside of North America in the The Commons Digest;
  • creating bibliographies of commons research and publications;
  • fostering interdisciplinary discussions and the production of scholarly, applied, and policy-oriented publications.


Association Benefits include:

  • subscription to The Commons Digest,
  • up-to-date compilations of commons-related publications;
  • conference and publication discounts;
  • access to a worldwide network of experts;
  • announcements regarding professional activities.
  • Information Services such as:
    • Access to the Digital Library of the Commons;
    • Access to the Workshop in Political Theory & Policy Analysis Library and IASC archive
      bibliographic and research consultation.