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Managing our Common Resources - Course series

The ‘Commons Management and Governance’ Short Course Series consists of series of online courses on specific issues regarding common resourses governance. The courses are low-cost, distance learning short courses aimed at raising awareness and understanding of commons issues around the world.

The courses will be delivered through distance-learning approaches making use of video and audio materials, readings, on-line activities, and group discussion forums, enabling participants to learn from one another as well as from the tutors.

The courses are being delivered under the banner of the International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC) jointly by Chris Short and John Powell of the Countryside and Community Research Institute of the University of Gloucestershire (UK) and Leticia Merino and Victor Ortiz Rivera at the Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (IIS-UNAM). The aim is to offer most courses in both English and Spanish.

Once participants have registered for one of the online courses they will be able to access a Moodle site which will hold a range of materials (readings, video and audio pods, exercises) and provide discussion forum space for online learning. This distance-learning course provides a structured approach that takes participants through the materials with regular on-line discussion support.

There are no special IT requirements in order to be able to access the materials

Current Courses

Managing our Common Resources

‘Managing our Common Resources’ will start with an exploration of what we mean by the term ‘commons’, explore the notions of co-operation, self-interest and rational choice, and also tackle mis-understandings – particularly in relation to the concept of the ‘tragedy’ of the commons. Course participants will then be challenged to explore the nature of property rights, the role of trust and the characteristics of rules and institutions as foundations for collective action. The final section of the course will explore the means for strengthening institutions and the design principles for commons governance.

This course will be delivered in both Spanish and English.

Start date: March 13, 2017
End date: April 28, 2017

Cost: GBP 100 for non-members, GBP 60 for IASC-members

More info via this link

From source to sea - governance of water resources

This course focuses on the management, governance and sustainability of surface and ground waters. Water is a resource essential to life but in many parts of the world access and use are becoming more restrictive through appropriation and privatisation of water rights. Surface and ground waters provide a wide range of ecosystem services including provision of drinking water, food, irrigation, navigation, energy, recreation, and biodiversity. These uses are often in conflict resulting in pressure for both state control and privatization of water resources at different stages through the hydrological cycle. The course will increase participant’s understanding of the hydrological cycle as we look at a range of problems currently experienced, including pollution, flood, drought, and water shortage.

Start date: May 15, 2017
End date: June 23, 2017

Cost: GBP 100 for non-members, GBP 60 for IASC-members

More info via this link

General info
(+44) 1242 714122

The courses are sponsored by IASC and have been made possible by a development grant from the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

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