We would like to bring to your attention the Call for Papers for publication in a Special Issue on The Ethics of the Commons announced by the Journal of Business Ethics.

The organizers of the call explain that "[they] seek papers that shed light on the ethical foundations and implications of the commons. [ And that they] welcome original papers from a wide variety of methodological and disciplinary perspectives and invite papers that provide insights into, but not limited to, the following topics":

Topic 1: The following Conceptualization, Ethics and Rights related to the commons

-       How does ethics shape the definition and conceptualization of commons?

-       How do different ethical theories provide descriptive and normative insights into commons?

-       Property rights, including common property rights, are after all rights. How do the ethical implications of different property regimes compare and influence entrepreneurship and organizing?

-       For organizations and communities, how do ethical drivers enable collective action in social, environmental and other commons?

Topic 2: Governance of Commons

-       What are the motivations and mechanisms for cooperation and participation in commons governance and management?

-       What are the ethical challenges to and limits of collective action and decision-making in commons organizations?

-       How has the conception, practice and institutionalization of commons evolved over time, and what are the ethical factors that contribute to its evolution and persistence?

-       How do values and culture regenerate collective practices?

Topic 3: Social and Community Entrepreneurship and Impacts

-       What insights can a study of the commons offer to social and community entrepreneurship research?

-       How is social value created through commons organizations?

-       What are the ethical implications of new commons and new ways of commoning for entrepreneurship?

-       What are the ethical impacts of commons in housing? Food? Environmental activism? Other commons?

Topic 4: The Commons in a Market Society

-       Are there differences in the way that private property and common property regimes influence markets?  If so, what are the ethical implications?

-       Do prevailing conceptions of entrepreneurship impinge on the role of the commons as a means of producing and distributing goods, e.g., by new forms of enclosure in items such as traditional knowledge, patents, and the human genome?

-       Do commons represent an ethical challenge to capitalist-market/neoliberal political systems?

The deadline for submissions is 15 December 2018. For the full description of the call please follow this link: https://bit.ly/2vm7L9o.

Call for Papers: Special Issue “The Ethics of the Commons”, Journal of the Business Ethics, submission deadline 15 December 2018
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