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Regional Meetings

2016 IASC European Regional Conference

‘Commons in a 'glocal' world: global connections and local responses’

Date: 10-13 May 2016

Venue: Bern (Switzerland)

Conference chairs: Tobias Haller, Stephan Rist

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2014 3rd European IASC Meeting

From generation to generation – the use of commons in a changing society

16-19 September 2014 Umeå, Sweden

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The overall theme for the conference is how to meet the changing society still using resources in a sustainable way. Conference participants are encouraged to contribute with papers on one of the sub-themes. We also welcome contributions of posters on one of the sub-themes.

2013 IASC Africa Regional Meeting

Research has shown that success in dealing with problems facing Africa commons management may lie in addressing fragmentation of the knowledge base and, hence, management policy. Traditionally management has been carried out by government agencies that focus on a particular sector, e.g. fisheries, agriculture or forestry, using knowledge from scientists that specialise in that sector, and working with community groups to create and enforce rules developed for that sector.

2011 IASC European Meeting

The regional meeting of the EU branch of the IASC will have as its theme “Shared Resources in a Rapidly Changing World”, reflecting the emphasis on the currently well recognized fact that many if not most resources (e.g. natural resources, social capital, knowledge) require a shared management regime. This is due to complex socio-ecological inter-dependencies, which do not stop neither at national boundaries nor private properties. But a multitude of combined and mixed governance regimes is necessary to manage these resources in an efficient and sustainable way.

2010 North America Regional Meeting

The North American regional meeting of the IASC had as its theme “capturing the complexity of the commons” reflecting the increasing efforts to understand commons over time at multiple levels of scale. The goal is to foster more discussion and collaboration especially among North American researchers working on commons from an interdisciplinary point of view.

2008 African Regional Meeting

  • Date - 20-22 January 2009
  • Location - Cape Town, South Africa
  • Chair/Host - Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS) at the University of the Western Cape
  • Theme - Scaling Up Conservation Practices for Natural Resource Commons in Africa

2006 Brescia, Italy

Conference title: Building the European Commons: From Open Fields to Open Source
The website of the conference is hosted by Brescia University.
Conference papers at the Digital Library of the Commons.

2005 Washington

International Association for the Study of Common Property

CAPRi Seminar

Conference papers at the Digital Library of the Commons

Held on May 20, 2005

Washington, D.C.

2003 Brisbane

Traditional Lands in the Pacific Region:
Indigenous Common Property Resources in Convulsion or Cohesion

Conference papers at the Digital Library of the Commons

Brisbane, Australia

September 7-9, 2003

Conference Organizer
Australian Property Institute

The Second Pacific Regional Meeting of the International Association

2003 Alaska

Joining the Northern Commons:
Lessons for the World, Lessons from the World

Conference papers at the Digital Library of the Commons

Anchorage, Alaska

August 17-21, 2003

Conference Organizer

The Institute of the North at Alaska Pacific University

2003 Regional Meeting in Chiang Mai, Thailand

2003 Eastern Europe Conference

property on natural resources in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union

Conference papers at the Digital Library of the Commons

Announcement for a workshop co-organized by

Institute for Agricultural Economics (VUZE), Prague

2003 Latin American Regional Meeting

  • Date - May 17
  • Location - Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Chair/Host - Leticia Merino & Jim Robson, UNAM
  • Theme - Bridging the Commons Gap in Latin America

2001 South Asia Network Meeting

  • Date - December 14 & 15
  • Location - New Delhi, India
  • Chair/Host - Michelle Curtain & Winrock International

2001 Ougadogou, Burkina Faso

24-25 SEPTEMBER 2001


2001 Brisbane

Tradition and Globalisation:
Critical Issues for the Accommodation of CPRs
in the Pacific Region

Conference papers at the Digital Library of the Commons

Brisbane, Australia

September 2-4, 2001

Conference Organizer

Australian Property Institute

1999 Mozambique

Mozambique Common Property Theory Workshop
Zonguene, Mozambique
July 20-24, 1999

The Mozambican Center for Forestry Research (CEF), whose staff have attended the 1996 and 1998 IASCP meetings, invited six members of the IASCP council to participate in a workshop and conference in Mozambique on common property theory and its application to that country's
natural resource management challenges.

1999 Bloomington

Proceedings from: Reflections on Common Property Theory & Research
The Workshop in Political Theory & Policy Analysis
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Date: 7 June, 1999
Edited by: Michelle Curtain
Transcribed by: Merwin Siu and A. Vishnu Pandurangadu

Published by the International Association for the Study of Common Property(IASCP), Revised on December 5, 1999.


1997 New Brunswick, NJ, USA

Proceedings of the Workshop on Future Directions for Common Property Theory and Research (at the Digital Library of the Commons)

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

28 February, 1997

Bonnie J. McCay and Barbara Jones, editors.

Published by the Ecopolicy Center for Agricultural, Environmental and Resource Issues, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, New Brunswick, New Jersey. Revised Edition, June 30, 1997


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