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2005 Washington

International Association for the Study of Common Property

CAPRi Seminar

Conference papers at the Digital Library of the Commons

Held on May 20, 2005

Washington, D.C.

The CAPRi sponsored a seminar at the meeting of the International Association for the Study of Common Property (IASCP) on May 20, 2005. The seminar brought together researchers and practitioners who presented their findings from recent work around the topics "Defending the Commons & Decentralization and the Commons". The presentations and discussions explored the different pathways used by various actors to secure rights to natural resources in the commons. There was also a presentation on the Digital Library of the Commons (DLC) that provided the presenters and audience members with information about copyright issues and self-publication through the DLC.

The following presentations were given:

§ Owen Lynch (Center for International Environmental Law): Promoting the Legal Recognition of Community Based Property Rights (CBPRs), Including the Commons

§ Dianne E. Rocheleau (Clark University): Mapping the commons: using maps to negotiate multiple rights of use and access to complex commons

§ David M. Hughes (Rutgers University): The commons as containment: Zimbabwe's village republics of the 1990s

§ Jon Anderson (USAID): Community based natural resource management: responding to emerging strains and challenges?

§ Dawn Montanye (World Wildlife Fund): Community Co-Management Experience of WWF

§ Carl Bauer (Resources for the Future): Hydropower, River Protection, and Negotiating Water Rights in Chilean Patagonia

§ Jorge Uquillas (The World Bank): A Comprehensive Policy for the Protection of Indigenous People's Property Rights?

§ Esther Mwangi and Stephan Dohrn (IFPRI, CAPRi): Securing Access to Drylands Resources for Multiple Users

§ Augusta Molnar (Forest Trends): Who conserves the world's forests? The role of communities and commonly-held lands in conservation.

§ Jesse Ribot (Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars): Institutional Choice and Recognition in Natural Resource Decentralization

The presentations and background papers will be available through the Digital Library of the Commons:

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