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Funding opportunities for conference travel

International Association for the Study of the Commons
IASC European Meeting

September 14-17, 2011
Hosted by the Agricultural University Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Theme: Shared Resources in a Rapidly Changing World


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Thanks to the CGIAR Gender & Diversity Program you can find some funding opportunities for conference travel that can be applied for the 2011 IASC European Meeting.

The complete newsletter archive can be found here.

Travel and Conference Grants details can be found on pages 6 and 7 of the pdf downloadable at the bottom of this page.

African Network of Scientific and Technological Institutions (ANSTI) Conference Grants

What: Grants to attend international meetings to present papers. A maximum amount of $2,500 is awarded.
Who: Academic staff of ANSTI member institutions:
When: Applications are accepted all year round.

Hayek Fund for Scholars

What: The Hayek Fund for Scholars makes strategic awards of up to $1,000 for career enhancing activities such as; presentations at academic or professional conferences, travel to academic job interviews, travel to and research at archives or libraries, participation in career development or enhancing seminars, distribution of a published article, submission of unpublished manuscripts to journals or book publishers.
Who: Graduate students and untenured faculty members of any nationality
When: Applications are accepted all year round.

SEARCA Travel Grants

What: SEARCA provides Travel Grants to qualified agriculture and agriculture-related professionals and social scientists, including graduate students in an effort to reinforce the Center’s efforts and resources in the promotion of agricultural competitiveness and natural resource management toward food security and poverty reduction in the region. Travel Grants provide financial support of up to a maximum of US$1,200 to qualified applicants presenting scientific papers in international or local scientific fora.
Who: Southeast Asian nationals who are staff members of a development-oriented institution or a graduate student of a reputable university in Southeast Asia.
When: Travel Grant applications are evaluated on a quarterly basis in the third week of the last month of every quarter. The application letter and supporting documents must, therefore, be submitted on or before the second month of the quarter preceding the evaluation.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – Small Grants 2011

What: Through the Bentham-Moxon Trust, Kew Gardens (UK) makes 30 to 40 small grants a year to botanists and horticulturalists for plant collection and research; international visits or work at Kew; travel and conferences; and other project support.
Who: Grants must involve a developing country.
When: Closing date is 30 September 2011.

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