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Plenary Speakers

International Association for the Study of the Commons
IASC European Meeting

September 14-17, 2011
Hosted by the Agricultural University Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Theme: Shared Resources in a Rapidly Changing World


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Dr.Ruth Meinzen-Dick, IFPRI (Washington D.C., USA)
Multiple-drivers to change in common management
Ruth Meinzen-Dick works since 1989 at the International Food Policy and Research Institute (IFPRI) at Washington D.C., where she is a senior research fellow. She has led numerous world spanning research projects analyzing institutional development and management of the commons of many resources and in many different countries. Her research, which is theoretically at highest standards, is nevertheless – and this might be due to the character of her research institute – very much problem oriented and deals with concrete empirical examples. She has experienced herself over the last decades the diversification of drivers to change in common management. Therefore, she is particularly suitable for introducing into this topic with her keynote address. Ruth Meinzen-Dick is the past president of IASC.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Konrad Hagedorn Humboldt-University Berlin
Post Socialist Commons the road ahead
Konrad Hagedorn is the head of the department of resource economics at the agricultural faculty of the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. Since the transition of the former communist Europe began his department is investigating property rights reforms in Middle and Eastern Europe and is leading in the field. As the interest of Konrad Hagedorn is much broader than the agricultural sector, but entails the analysis of the entire process of governance of environmental resources, he investigated also a huge amount of commons prevailing in Middle and Eastern Europe. Since many years he is organized in the IASC and has often been a visiting scholar at the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis in Bloomington USA. Because of his scientific merits
investigating property rights reforms in Middle and Eastern Europe Konrad Hagedorn holds an honorary doctorate of Plovdiv University.

Prof. Dr. Marco Janssen Arizona State University (Tempe, USA)
Methods Investigating Complex Common Property Regimes
Marco Janssen is Associate Professor in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change and Director of the Center of the Study of Institutional Diversity at Arizona State University in Tempe (USA). He is an expert in the field of multiple methods investigating the commons. He has large experience in Agent-Based Modeling, experimental and case study research. He recently published a book on this topic with the title “Working Together: Collective Action, the Commons and Multiple Methods in Practice” together with Amy Poteete and Elinor Ostrom (Poteete, et al. 2010). Before coming to Arizona tate University, Marco Janssen worked as a post-doc researcher at the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis at Bloomington (USA) where the beginning and probably still center of IASC is.

Prof. Dr. Jouni Paavola University of Leeds (Leeds, UK)
Multi-level governance
Jouni Paavola is Professor of Environmental Social Science, Director of Sustainability Research Institute, and Deputy Director of Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) in the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds. He is probably the leading figure in the European debate about multi-level governance in relation to biodiversity and climate issues, both representing currently the most important common pool resource problems. With his long lasting experience and his wide publishing record, he is definitely the right person to undertake the task of comparing the more Europe oriented debate on multi-level governance with the more American debate on poly-centricity.

Prof. Dr. Susan Buck University of North Carolina (Greensboro, USA)
Shared Resources in a rapidly Changing World; introduction to the panel discussion of keynote speakers and welcome address
Susan Buck is the current President of IASC, Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the director of the environmental studies program there. She has broad experience on many different aspects in commons research ranging from global to local commons problems. Therefore, she is particularly suited to introduce the discussion among the keynote speakers at the end of the conference. Being one of the most experienced scholars of the keynote speakers, she is most appropriate for this synthesizing role.

Dr. Tine de Moor Utrecht University (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Commons in Europe; introduction to the conference
Tine de Moor is a senior researcher at the Research Institute for History and Culture at Utrecht University. She has focused particularly on the historical development of commons within Europe, with an institutional economics perspective. With her experience she is particularly suited to provide the thematic introduction to the conference, focusing on the various traditions and roots existing in the Eastern and Western European development of the various commons.

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