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The venue: Agricultural University of Plovdiv

International Association for the Study of the Commons
IASC European Meeting

September 14-17, 2011
Hosted by the Agricultural University Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Theme: Shared Resources in a Rapidly Changing World


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The Host: Agricultural University of Plovdiv

Ever since its establishment in 1945, the Agricultural University of Plovdiv has been spreading knowledge, treasuring and enriching the traditions of Bulgarian agriculture. It has strengthenedits positions as a national centre of agricultural science and education in Bulgaria. The alumni of the Agricultural University Plovdiv amount to over 22 000 agriculturists, engineers, ecologists and economists, more than 1900 of them being foreign citizens. The mission of the University focuses on providing competitive, high quality student-centered education and preserving the love of Bulgarianpeople to land and its richness, their desire for knowledge and the values of Bulgarian agricultural education and science.
The University has four faculties: Faculty of Agronomy, Faculty of Vine-growing and Gardening, Faculty of Plant Protection and Agricultural Ecology, Faculty of Economics. Currently 3400 students are enrolled at the Agricultural University of Plovdiv.
During its 60 years of existence, the university has established valuable international relations and partnerships and is continuously cooperating with numerous universities and governmentalinstitutions across Europe.
In November 2006 the Agricultural University of Plovdiv received its current accreditation with an assessment grade of “Very Good” by the National Agency of Evaluation and Accreditation within the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. Since 2007 Prof. Dr Dimitar Grekov is the Rector of theUniversity. He strongly supports the engagement of his staff in the International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC).
The members of the institute of agricultural economics are strongly dedicated to research issues on property rights reform in post-socialist countries, sustainable natural resource management under various political, social, economic and environmental drivers coming up. They also study the impacts of EU accession and in particular the role of multi-level government authorities in implementing the various EU CAP measures.

The group around Ivan Penov, Violeta Dimiranova, and Alexi Alexsiev are therefore proud to host the next European Meeting of the IASC community and are looking forward to engage in scientific and personal exchange.

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