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2013 IASC Africa Regional Meeting

Research has shown that success in dealing with problems facing Africa commons management may lie in addressing fragmentation of the knowledge base and, hence, management policy. Traditionally management has been carried out by government agencies that focus on a particular sector, e.g. fisheries, agriculture or forestry, using knowledge from scientists that specialise in that sector, and working with community groups to create and enforce rules developed for that sector. With the advent of the ecosystem approach to natural resource management, which is based in turn on a growing appreciation of the interrelatedness of both the ecological and socio-economic dynamics of natural resources, new cross-disciplinary scientific networks are needed that are able to identify specific areas of sectoral interconnections, articulate and implement the required research, and translate the results into advice for policy makers, development practitioners and resource users.

UPDATE: Call for papers - Deadline extended to February 8th, 2013.

The objective of this Policy Forum is to bring such networks (formal or informal) together with policy makers and other stakeholders to curve the way forward for effective, integrated commons management. The panel therefore invites researchers working in these and related issues (e.g. poverty and gender) in the African contexts to submit abstracts for papers exploring the meeting themes and how dealing with them is affected by fragmented resources management systems and solutions required.

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