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Mozambique song

Kannimambo Mozambique (Sung to "When the Saints Go Marching In")

written by Louise Fortmann with assistance from Bonnie McCay,

Meg McKean and Charlotte Hess

Oh we all came to Mozambique and we had a fabulous week.

Kannimambo amigas and amigos and an obrigada too!

Henrique Massango took us to Tanga and he took us in his car.

Kannimambo Henrique Massango and an obrigada too!

Senora Guigui as you can see has helped us every which way.

Kannimambo Senora Guigui and an obrigada too!

Eulalia too, we tell it true, she helped and danced well too.

Kannimambo Eulalia and an orbigada too!

Oh Margarida, we really need her and her computer skills.

Kannimambo Margarida and an obrigada too!

And Julio and Joaquim did their best at Chirindzene.

Kannimambo Julio and Joaquim and an obrigada too!

And Dr.Ken,with his Ford pen, brought us here and translated too!

Kannimambo Dr. Ken and an obrigada too!

And all of you, we thank you too and we have learned a lot from you.

Kannimambo amigos y amigas and an obrigada too!


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