UGlobe, the Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges, organizes the afternoon symposium  'Green People, Green Judges' on March 9, 2018.

UGlobe will focus on the call for the right to a healthy environment that has taken place in recent years, from India to Europe, from the US to New Zealand. This call has led to legal action all around the world. With legal action, citizens and citizen groups use courts to challenge their governments to go beyond current measures to combat climate change.

You can find an extended programme here (pdf), with more information on the speakers.

Confirmed speakers are:

  • Gaute Eiterjord (Director of Friends of the Earth Norway) - Climate lawsuit: The people v. Arctic oil. How Norwegian youths took the state to court
  • Dr. Liesbeth van de Grift (Assistant Professor History of International Relations, Utrecht University) - Greening democracy: The role of environmental organisations from a historical perspective
  • Ugo Taddei (Lawyer at Client Earth involved in climate change litigation throughout Europe) - Air pollution in court
  • Dr. Edward Brans (Lawyer at Pels Rijcken, represented the Dutch state in the Milieudefensie clean air litigation) - State of the Netherl./Urgenda c.s. and State of the Netherl./Milieudefensie c.s.: Two different cases.Global v. regional environmental interests
  • Dr. Naomi van Steenbergen (Researcher at the Ethics Institute at Utrecht University) - What may we expect from individuals and from the state?



Please note: this event had already been scheduled for December 20, 2017, but had to be postponed due to severe weather conditions.

Green People, Green Judges – Call for the right to a healthy environment (Symposium, Utrecht, Netherlands, March 9, 2018)
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