The Department of Historical Studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU, Trondheim) offers a full-time 3-year PhD position within the project "The Fate of Nations: Natural Resources and Historical Development", funded by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR). The PhD candidate will work with Associate Professor (Onsager Fellow) Francisco Beltrán Tapia (NTNU). The department hosts other research projects examining different aspects of the international political economy of natural resources. The PhD candidate will thus be part of a research team of 12-14 economic and business historians working on related issues.

The PhD will contribute towards the main project by analyzing how local institutions shape the relationship between the management of natural resources and economic development. Despite homogeneous regulations arising from central governments, local conditions strongly influence whether natural resources are a curse or a blessing. Apart from geographical considerations (i.e. resource availability and quality, climate, distance to markets, etc.), the literature has long stressed the role played by local institutions on influencing economic, social and political outcomes. Among them, the way that institutions determine the distribution of resources, and therefore the economic and political power, is a crucial dimension in our understanding of the fate of nations.

Although the candidate’s project can focus on any geographical area, the temporal framework should be contained within the period 1700-2000. Comparative studies using quantitative methods are especially welcome. If you have any question concerning this position, please contact Francisco Beltrán Tapia (e-mail).

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PhD Position at Natural Resources and Historical Development (NTNU, Norway) – deadline February 15, 2018
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