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Iriai - The Commons of Kitafuji

“Commoners and the Changing Commons: Livelihood, Environmental Security, and Shared Knowledge”
We present the 14th Biennal IASC Global Conference series of videos, held on June 2013 in the Mount Fuji area, Japan.

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2012 IASC Thematic Meeting

Building Institutions for Sustainable Scientific, Cultural and genetic Resources Commons
We present all the keynotes which took place during the 1s IASC Thematic Meeting held in Louvain, Belgium.
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13th IASC Conference Videos

The Conference held on January in Hyderabad provided a unique opportunity to resurface the discussion and debate on Commons and bring experience and evidence from across the world to show that Commons are not a relic of the past, but play a strategic role in maintaining ecological health, reducing poverty, and improving collective action.

2010 IASC North American Conference

The North American regional meeting of the IASC had as its theme "capturing the complexity of the commons" reflecting the increasing efforts to understand commons over time at multiple levels of scale.

Prof. Elinor Ostrom in Mexico 2012

From May 7th to 10th, 2012 Prof. Elinor Ostrom hold a conference tour in Mexico City, talking about natural resources, migration, climate change policy and the commons, and introducing the spanish edition of the book Working Together.

Professor Elinor Ostrom interview

Watch the interview of Professor Elinor Ostrom after winning the Nobel Price in Economics. Interview by Professor Leticia Merino

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