World Commons Week, October 4–12, 2018, kick-starts today! If you are not already a part of one of the multiple events organized throughout this week, here is a summary of possibilities we have prepared for you (in the order of possibility to join them in the last minute):


  • On October 12, there will be a 24-hour marathon of webinars with speakers spread across the globe each presenting on various Commons topics at noon-time in their time zone. As part of the IASC team, we are happy to be the pioneers in organizing such an unprecedented 24-hour event across the time zones of the globe! Check the list of speakers and make sure to book your calendars for joining those you are interested in here:


  • During the entire week, there will be also a multitude of local events organized in different parts of the world, and particularly in Europe, all dedicated to raising awareness about the scholarship and practice of the Commons in many thematic areas, including water, forests, fisheries and marine settings; the global atmosphere; infrastructure, urban and rural areas; technology and software; and knowledge sharing and co-production. Be sure to check out the full list of the events and if possible consider joining the one close to you. See more information on the local events here:


  • Finally, if you happen to be around Washington D.C. area on October 4–6, the week is opening with two kick-off events (policy seminar and conference) that you could join too. Read more about these events here:


Apart from that, looking ahead, do not forget to check the First IASC Commons Virtual Conference to be held on November 12-30, 2018 (check details here:, and for planning of your trips in 2019, please make sure not to miss the deadline—October 15, 2018—for sending your abstracts to the next International IASC Conference to be held in Lima, Peru. For more information on the International IASC Conference in Peru follow this link:

We wish all our organizers and participants a very productive week of celebrating the commons scholarship and practice!

World Commons Week kick-starts today on October 4, 2018: Possibilities to Join
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